Meet Chef Ocean

I have been following a 100% living foods lifestyle since 1996, and have developed my recipes while working as head chef at several raw foods restaurants in California and Oregon. You may have enjoyed my dishes at Burning Man, Raw Spirit Festival, and many other West Coast Festivals over the past 15 years.

I was inspired to eat exclusively raw foods after reading Viktoras Kulvinskas’ book Survival Into The 21st Century, and firmly believe that a raw food lifestyle, coupled with fresh air, exercise, and a supportive community, will benefit the world in helping everyone achieve their greatest potential.

How It Works

Chef Ocean will teach you about the fantastic benefits of eating raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds through simple dishes that are not only delicious, but will improve your outlook on life! Learn about the transformative nature of plants and become more connected with nature and yourself.

Get In Touch

Chef Ocean is available for health consultations, raw foods coaching, lifestyle planning, and online meal preparation.

Initial Session

Schedule a 15-minute FREE consultation with Chef Ocean to discuss your current health, dietary needs, and long-term goals. 


Learn how to make specific recipes, choose healthy food options, plan your weekly meals, and improve your kitchen skills with weekly or monthly sessions.