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Anyone can learn how to live a healthy & happy lifestyle!


Do you want to improve your diet? Have more energy? Feel more in tune with yourself? Ocean can help you make changes to your diet, exercise routine, and daily schedule to live a more conscious, natural lifestyle.

A combination of 1:1 sessions with Ocean, weekly milestones, and long-term goals will help you feel more energetic, calm, and deal with stress in a healthy way. Making small changes in your life, such as improving your food choices, committing to small improvements, and learning new skills will lead you to experience life in a way that you never knew was possible!

Make more informed food choices

The decisions you make when selecting your food can have a profound influence on the rest of your life

Have a more restful sleep

What you eat influences the quality of your sleep

Expand your exercise regimen

There are lots of fun ways to improve your cardiovascular system, build muscle tone, and breathe easier

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See what clients have to say

Ocean teaches a great class! I ate delicious food made and presented by a very competent man, and will come to any class he teaches in the future.

Rose Lewis

I loved the class! It was interesting and well presented. I liked learning about the food preparation, as well as how to make the raw taco recipe.

Paul Woods

He gave great health information. I loved learning how to make vegan sour cream! I am looking forward to researching more and following Ocean's blogs.

Andrea Rios

Take your life to the next level!