A living, plant-based diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Learn to prepare delicious plant-based dishes
with Master Raw Vegan Chef Ocean

What Are Living Foods?

All foods in the plant-based kingdom contain living enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fats, and essential amino acids. These nutrients are damaged, or completely destroyed, through cooking, which can damage the receptors in your body and cause unnecessary stress on your immune system. By transitioning away from denatured foods damaged by excessive heat, the body can begin to heal by detoxifying, repairing damaged cells, and make you look and feel more vibrant. Become more alive by eating vibrant, living foods!

About Chef Ocean

Chef Ocean has been a raw vegan chef since 1997, and serves his unique and flavorful food at West Coast festivals and private events. In 2003, he worked with Chef Juliano to open one of the first raw vegan restaurant, Juliano’s Raw, in Santa Monica, California, which has inspired many other chefs to open their own living foods restaurants. 

Over the past 20 years, Ocean has developed a vast collection of healthy recipes from Indian to Thai to American food, and has taught raw food classes all over the world. His current passion is developing recipes that resemble bakery items, such as sandwich bread, cakes, pies, and rolls. 

Ocean is an accomplished raw vegan athlete, distance runner, rock climber, martial artist, and yoga practitioner who attributes his success to his raw vegan diet and passion for simplicity.