• Master Raw Vegan Chef Ocean With Raw Vegan Koftas
    • About Chef Ocean

      Chef Ocean began his raw vegan journey in the woods of Pennsylvania, teaching himself about wild foods by volunteering at a local food cooperative, studying wild herbs in a nearby nature reserve, and eating exclusively from his own garden. He first became vegan after meeting many people at festivals and concerts who had adopted a cruelty-free lifestyle, and learning more about the unnecessary exploitation of animals in modern society.

      He experienced cystic acne for many years, and began to research diet-based alternatives to topical medicines. He discovered that a fruit-based diet consisting of both sweet and non-sweet fruits, was an optimal cure for his skin issues. After doing a 40-day water fast and pledging to eliminate cooked foods, he was able to clear his skin completely. He discovered that raw foods are not just a diet, they are a lifestyle that leads to more clarity, freedom, assertiveness, personal empowerment, and attunement with nature and other animals. For him, living foods is a spiritual journey to a more fulfilling, sensual, and enjoyable life.

      He advocates vigorous exercise, plenty of fresh water, and practicing yoga and meditation in addition to eating exclusively living foods. His lifestyle practices closely resemble Taoism, and he believes that achieving balance and serenity in life starts with treating the body as an intelligent, self-maintaining system that constantly moves toward wellness on its own. Our role as observers is to give the body what it needs by listening closely to the harmony of the individual organs. He discovered that we often ignore the body’s needs and cause suffering to ourselves in service of the ego, and living foods can be a path toward enlightenment. Once the body learns to trust that the ego is supporting it and not in opposition to its needs, that harmony radiates outward and allows a greater connection and sensitivity to other living beings. It all begins with feeding the body properly.

      Chef Ocean is committed to sharing his answer to the many health, mental, and social issues that have become normalized in our world. By feeding people living foods, teaching simple techniques to unlock the potential of the human body and spirit, and encouraging others to find a path towards balance and health through conscientious and mindful eating, he hopes to make the world a more enjoyable, natural, and joyful place to live.